Two agents from Dongri arrested for sending 50 women to the country in 10 months; one nurse, who was forced to work as a maid for 18 hours a day, rescued, after family approached Ahmed Javed, Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

A human trafficking racket flourishing between Mumbai and Saudi Arabia has been busted and two agents arrested, after the family of one of the victims approached former Mumbai top cop Ahmed Javed, who is now the Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

The family of a nurse, who had been recruited by the agency and sent to Rafha in Saudi Arabia, approached asocial activist Aftab Siddique saying she was trapped in the country and was forced to work for 18 hours a day as a maid in inhuman conditions. The nurse had been recruited by the Trio Track agency in Dongri in October and sent to Saudi Arabia via Dubai on a 90-day visa.

The agency had sent around 50 women, mostly from Mumbai, to Saudi Arabia illegally in the past 10 months, said a letter issued by the Indian Embassy to the POE (Protection of Emigrants) office at the Ministry of External Affairs. Most of these women were forced to work as housemaids for 18 hours a day, and often under the scorching desert sun. If they refused to work, they were physically assaulted. The Andheri-based nurse somehow managed to contact her family, who then contacted the two agents from Trio Track, named Jamil Shaikh and Feroz Shaikh.

Siddique told Mirror that the two agents tried to strike a deal with the family if they wanted the woman to come back home. “The agents told the victim’s family that they would not bring her back unless they paid Rs 2,10,000 in cash and also provided them 10 other women who they could send as housemaids instead.” That’s when the family, with the help of Siddique, approached the D N Nagar police, which registered a cheating and extortion case against the agents.

Meanwhile, the family also got in touch with Ambassador Ahmed Javed. Siddique said, “Javed sir responded and Embassy officials helped bring back the victim. She returned home on November 4. The Embassy also revealed that the licence of the agency had been cancelled by Protector General of Emigrants (PGE).” Official communication regarding the fraud agency and their activities was sent to the director, Ministry of External Affairs, Protector of Emigrants and Mumbai police.


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